Removing The WhiteSmoke Translator Toolbar From Your Browser

WhiteSmoke Toolbar Removal

About Browser Malware Toolbar

Many users looking for a good translator toolbar often end up installing malicious add-ons like WhiteSmoke translator application. But, soon they find out that the toolbar has altered some of the browser settings and is redirecting every search query to WhiteSmoke search domain. If you are indeed bothered by this problem, WhiteSmoke toolbar removal is the only concrete option to deal with the problem.

Getting rid of the WhiteSmoke toolbar from your browser

It is actually very easy to get rid of WhiteSmoke toolbar from your browser. However, remember that the steps for WhiteSmoke toolbar removal will be different for the different browser applications. Let us see the un-installation instructions in detail here.

For Mozilla Firefox browser

If you are the Mozilla Firefox browser, launch the add-ons manger in the browser to remove the WhiteSmoke toolbar add-on. To access this option, go to the Tools menu in the browser and click on the Add-ons link. A new tab will open in your browser, which will display all the add-ons and extensions you have installed in your browser.

Select WhiteSmoke toolbar from this list and click on the Uninstall button. When done, just restart the browser and make sure that the toolbar has been removed from the browser.

For Internet Explorer browser

The steps for removing this toolbar are slightly different for Internet Explorer browser. Here, you will have to go to the Tools menu, select Manage Add-ons option, and then click on Toolbars and Extensions button.Now, select WhiteSmoke toolbar link listed there and click on the Disable or Remove button to get rid of the add-on.

Translator Toolbar

Removing The WhiteSmoke Toolbar

For Google Chrome browser

If you are using Goole Chrome, then you will have to click on the Settings option first. There, click on Extensions to view installed add-ons. Select WhiteSmoke toolbar add-on from this list and click on the trashcan icon against it to uninstall the add-on.

If any of these methods did not work for you, use a malware removal tool for removing this browser toolbar. There are many genuine malware removal tools available online. When you run such an application, it will detect all the malware applications running on your system apart from the WhiteSmoke toolbar alone. Using this tool, you can then get rid of them, thus improving the functioning of your browser.

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Setting Up Outlook For Your Webmail Account

Outlook Setting

About Outlook Mail Setup

Many Windows users do not use Microsoft Outlook email client application they got with MS Office suite, because they do not know much about configuring the Outlook setting needed to add their webmail account in the application. Actually, Microsoft has made the whole process simpler by designing an account setup wizard that works in both Automatic and Manual modes, depending on your requirements.

If you open Outlook application in your computer for the first time, then this account setup wizard will launch automatically and you just have to follow the instructions provided to link your email account with the program. However, if the account setup wizard does not launch automatically, then you will have to go to the File menu, select the Info option and click on Account Settings.

This will open the Account Settings wizard. Click on the option Add on the pop-up box to run the Outlook account setup wizard. In the first step, you will see some options for adding Your Name, Email Address, Password, etc. These details are enough for setting up a webmail account in Outlook.

When done, Outlook will connect to the email server and download other details like incoming and outgoing server address, and port numbers automatically. But this automatic mode will only work with popular webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. For many of the third party email services and corporate mail networks, you will have to use the Manual Outlook setting mode and enter these details yourself.

MS Office Suite

Contact Outlook Support

Interestingly, the Manual account setup mode is not as complicated as it sounds. You can get all the necessary details for from the official webmail service website or your Internet Service Provider. They may also help you with the necessary steps for adding your email account in different Outlook versions.

You can find manualOutlook setting mode right there on the account setup wizard as mentioned before. Just select the Manual mode and click on the Next button to launch the setup wizard. Here, you will see even more text fields requiring your account server details, secure transaction settings, etc. Enter the details you got from the webmail service provider correctly and click on the Finish button when done.

Your email account is now ready for use in the Outlook email client. However, if you still need assistance in the matter, contact our tech support team over the toll free number right away.

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Steps To Configure Outlook For Mac

Outlook Setting

Features Of Outlook

Most of the users of Windows operating systems have Microsoft Outlook installed in their computers. Now, if you have a Mac computer, you do have its native email program. However, if you have used Outlook in a Windows operating system, you might be in love with this email client. So, is there a way to use Outlook on your Mac computer? Yes, there is. Microsoft has released Outlook exclusively designed for Mac computers. Once you download and install the email client to the computer, you can configure the Outlook setting and start using the program in your Mac system. In this post, we will take you through the steps to configure Outlook.

Steps Involved

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook from its shortcut and when the program comes up, select the option Tools from the menu bar.
  • From the menu, which drops down, select the option Accounts.
  • As you are configuring the program with an email account for the first time, choose the option Exchange Account, which you will find under the option Add an Account. Please note that if you have already configured an account in the program, choose the + sign found at the lower left corner and choose Exchange.
  • The above steps take you to the page Enter your Exchange account page. Here, enter your email address.
  • Under the option for Authentication, enter the User Name and the Password for the account. Keep in mind that the User Name is your email address. Make sure that you enter the password carefully without errors.
  • Select the option Configure Automatically and then choose Add Account.

    Email Service Provider

    Outlook Email Configuration

  • With the above step, Outlook checks online and downloads the server settings for the particular email account.
  • A dialog box comes up, which asks you whether to allow the server to configure the settings. Choose the option Always use my response for this server and then choose the button Allow.
  • Once the account setup is complete, the newly created email account will be shown on the left pane of the Outlook window. You may close the Outlook windows that are opened.

With the above steps, the program will configure Outlook with the email account. If you have any queries regarding the Outlook setting or the steps mentioned above, you may contact our technical support team. If the automatic configuration fails, you may contact your email service provider and find necessary information like email servers and configure the program manually.

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Microsoft Releases Updates For Office Programs For Mac Systems

Outlook Problems

Fix Outlook Problems

If you are a Mac user, who has installed Microsoft’s Office programs, then you could now download and install the latest update from Microsoft for the program. The new update was released by the end of last month and it comes with a few patches aimed to fix various Outlook problems. Let us find out the major problems for which the fixes are released.

Connection issues with Exchange server

The new update includes a fix, which is intended to fix the connection issues of the program with the Exchange server. Many users have experienced this trouble where the Outlook program fails to detect the connection settings. When users try to use proxy auto configurations, the program requests the users to enter the settings manually.

Deleting shared folders

This is another issue with the program and many users had complained about this. One of the features of the program is the ‘Open Other User’s Folder’ and when this feature is utilized to create or add new folders, the program automatically deletes these folders. This had created many troubles for the users. Now, the new update includes a fix for this issue, which could help many users to work with the program without many troubles.

Connecting to removed public folders

Mac OS X

Outlook Email Configuration

This is the third in the line of issues faced by Outlook for Mac users. With this issue, the program tries to connect to the folders, which may no longer be present in the Exchange server or are disabled. The new update contains a fix for this issue. Now, if you wish to download and install this update, you should be using a Mac OS X 10.5.8 or any of the later versions. The version of your Office program should be 14.1.0 or any of the newer ones. The new updates can be installed if you are using Office 365 for Home or Professional or using the standalone copies of the program.

Office for Mac was first released in 2010 and since then Microsoft has released many updates for the program. Some of them were intended to fix the bugs while many others were intended to enhance its performance. With this new update, users could fix some of the major Outlook problems.

There have been no further announcements from Microsoft on the release of a new update for the program. As most of the major problems have been addressed, it might take a few more months for the release of a new update.

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User Data Exposed In Outlook Android App

Outlook Problems

Outlook Problems Help

Recently, it has been revealed that the software giant Microsoft’s application for Android is apparently disclosing user data. So, the assumption that the application is encrypting messages/email is wrong. A security firm called Include Security reported the information about such Outlook problems concerning data security. As per their report, this android app does not give strong security as far as user data protection is concerned.

According to Include Security reports, the application is allowing users to access their web mail (that is what it should do) but it has been found that they’re not making any real effort to secure and make sure the confidentiality of the email messages and attachments are intact. So, we never know when the confidentiality is violated.

Popular security firm Include Security, has pinpointed two major areas of concern. The first includes email attachments that are stored in a file system area that can be easily found accessed by any application or third parties having access to your mobile phone device. The other area of concern is the fact that the emails themselves are stored on the file system in the mobile phone, while the Pincode feature of the application applies only to the User Interface (UI) of the application. Actually, this feature is not doing anything in particular that protects the confidentiality of your email messages found on the file system. All it’s there for is to provide a false sense of email security, because it is actually not helping in any way.

Disclosing User Data

Outlook Problems Info

The security firm, Inside Security suggests users to disable USB debugging. You can do this by going to Settings, then choosing Developer Option. After that, you can disable USB Debugging. This effectively reduces third parties from accessing any data in the form of plain text, from messaging apps or any other apps choosing to store confidential private data on the SDCard data storage. Include Security also recommends modifying or changing the download directory of email attachments. You can do this by going to Settings, then choosing General, and going to Attachments Settings and from there the Attachment Folder.

When the issues regarding such Outlook problems were reported, Microsoft Corporation mentioned that they are very much committed to protecting the security of user’s personal information. The company said that applications run in sandboxes where the Mobile device’s operating system protects user’s data. They also recommended seeing Microsoft’s online privacy policy for additional information.

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