Getting Rid Of 'There Are Unsent Messages' Error In Outlook

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Email messages in the Outlook program are usually sent very easily, unless those email messages are huge or there is some problem with the Internet connection that you are using. If the Outlook program is unable to send email messages, the program will inform the user when he or she tries to close the program, displaying a “There are unsent messages” alert. This is one of the common Outlook problems and the users will have to either send the email messages or delete them to get rid of these messages. The Outlook help tips that are shared below will help you to know more on the steps to get rid of this error.


  • If the Outlook program is open, select the Cancel button to exit the program without sending the email messages or you may select the Okay button to return to the Outlook program to wait. If you do not send the messages, they will be present in the Outbox the next time you open the Outlook program.
  • Select Outbox to see the email messages that are waiting in the queue to send. Larger messages will take longer to send when compared to the smaller ones. Another thing that can contribute to this issue is that the outgoing mail server of the email provider may be down due to some reasons. You may wait for a few hours and then click on the Send/Receive tab and then select Send/Receive button to send the messages again.
  • Click on any of the unsent messages in the Outbox of the Outlook program and then press the Del key on the keyboard to delete the particular email message. If you delete all the unsent email messages from the Outbox of the Outlook program, you will not get the “There are unsent messages” alert, though you also would not send the messages. You may consider resaving the large attachments, with smaller file sizes, in particular images that can be resized to decrease the file sizes and then try to send the email messages again.

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  • Right click on the unsent message and then select Send Message, one at a time. The users will be able to manually manage the sending and receiving of the email messages through the Send/Receive tab in the Outlook program as well. With bigger email messages, manually sending the email message may force the outgoing mail server to accept the email message, whereas automatic sending and receiving may give the large email messages low priority.

These are the steps to get rid of the “There are unsent messages” error in the Outlook program. To know more on the various Outlook problems, you can contact our Outlook help and support team.

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Getting Rid Of The WhiteSmoke Toolbar

WhiteSmoke Toolbar Removal

WhiteSmoke Removal Tutorial

Unlike Yahoo and Google toolbars, WhiteSmoke toolbar add-on is a malicious program that hijacks your browser and can stop the normal functioning of your web browser. If you have this malware installed in your system, you will experience many problems. Your browser settings will automatically change to make the WhiteSmoke homepage your browser homepage.

Once installed, this toolbar will wreck havoc in your system, slowing it down and bringing it to a halt from time to time. The toolbar officially states that it can be used to translate a language, but in actual, these toolbars import viruses into your computer and paralyze it. Fortunately, WhiteSmoke toolbar removal is easier than several other software that prove to be extremely difficult to remove.

If you come across this toolbar, it is better to remove it without any delay. The toolbar can be removed by following the instructions based on the web browser in use.

Internet Explorer

  • Click on the gear icon that is located on the top right corner of the web browser and then select the option Manage Add-ons.
  • From the list of add-ons, click on WhiteSmoke and any other toolbar you are not familiar with and select Remove. You will be prompted to confirm your action.
  • This will remove the toolbar from the web browser.

    Keyboard -  red key Help

    Removing WhiteSmoke Toolbar

  • To set your homepage back to Google, click on Search Providers under Add-on Types and proceed to select the link of your liking.
  • To restore the original settings, click on the Internet explorer default home page and then click on the General Tab under the Home page section. Select Use Default to restore everything to the original settings.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on the orange Firefox button and select Add-ons.
  • Click on Extensions tab to display the list of toolbars in your system.
  • Click on WhiteSmoke Toolbar extension from Mozilla Firefox and click Remove.

Google Chrome

  • Click on Chrome menu button on the browser toolbar and select Tools.
  • Click on Extensions to bring up the WhiteSmoke Toolbar from the list of toolbars.
  • Click on Remove to delete the toolbar from your Chrome browser.

If you have followed the instructions to the word, WhiteSmoke toolbar removal will be a piece of cake. However, if you come across any trouble, it will be advisable to contact our tech support team in order to find further solutions. Our team of highly trained experts will solve the issue in no time.

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Setting Up Auto-Reply Or Vacation Message In Outlook 2003/2007


Microsoft Outlook Setting

Outlook is a great utility that most of the people use for personal as well as official uses. This is one of the most preferred email clients extensively used by many. Outlook allows you to organize and manage all your personal data and emails in the most effective way. One of the most important features in Outlook is the Out of Office replyoption. To notify people that you will not be available for a certain time, you may make use of this feature. Follow this Outlook setting to set auto-reply message when you go on a vacation.


  • You need to select the Exchange Server Inbox, then Tools, and then Out Of Office Assistant. This opens the Out Of Office dialogue box, where you will have to type in the Auto Reply Box the body of the message that you want to set as the auto-reply or the vacation message. When this Out Of Office Assistant is active, the message you typed in it is used as the auto reply message for all the incoming emails.
  • Click on the option labeled I Am Currently Out Of The Office and then click on Ok. When you come back to office and log into Outlook, a similar pop up is displayed where you will have to click Yes to opt out of the Out of Office Assistant.


    Microsoft Outlook Help

  • It is not necessary that you use this feature, as it is optional, but will be of great help to notify people that you are unavailable from office.
  • The best thing is that there are additional rules that you can set along with the Out Of Office message. With these rules, you will be able to assign a different action for some other email address.
  • For instance you might select a different template for a particular email address or a set of email addresses.
  • You can send a particular message to specific email addresses.
  • You can also get all the incoming emails or a particular set of emails moved to a different folder.

You have the choice to play with the Outlook setting to create an Out Of Office message according to your preferences. As an additional information, you can also specify in the message whom to contact during that period or an alternative option. This will be helpful to people who are desperately trying to contact you.

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For The Effective Removal Of WhiteSmoke Toolbar From Your System

WhiteSmoke (1)

About WhiteSmoke toolbar

WhiteSmoke toolbar is one of those translator or grammar checking applications, which many of us use when browsing through different foreign websites, texting online messages, and so are needed. However, many such add-ons and toolbar applications turn out to be malware applications, and the list includes WhiteSmoke add-on as well.

About WhiteSmoke toolbar removal

A malware application is designed to hijack your browser, alter its settings, and take you to a spam website online. All this will slow down your browser speed. Any use you are getting out of this application – translation, grammar check, etc – is not worth these troubles. Opt for the WhiteSmoke toolbar removal and replace it with some other useful translator application.

So, if you did install this toolbar thinking that it would be a useful application, you need to delete it by following the instructions provided here.

Steps to follow

You have to start with your default browser, where you have installed the WhiteSmoke add-on. There, go to the Add-On Manager section there and get rid of the WhiteSmoke toolbar from there.


Removing browser toolbar

If you are using the Google Chrome browser, just go to the Tools menu and click on Extensions. Select the WhiteSmoke toolbar add-on you see on the pop-up page and hit the trashcan icon right next to it. Keep in mind that these steps might be a little different in different Chrome versions.

Removing the add-on alone is not going to be enough here. Since the malware tool altered your browser settings, you need to change it back to default. Uninstalling the add-on will not revert any of these settings to their original values. In most cases, only the homepage and search engine settings will be altered. If so, you can easily change it back manually. Just go to the Settings wizard in your browser and remove the link you find there.

The link there might not be always WhiteSmoke website. You can also find a link to the Conduit search website or any other spam website there. Just delete all these links and replace it with trusted sites like, Google or Yahoo. Similarly, change the search engine settings as well. Make sure that there are no standalone applications for the toolbar installed in your system as well. If so, delete them as well.

Now, when you restart the system after all this, you will not find the WhiteSmoke toolbar on your browser anymore.

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Instructions For Setting Up Hotmail Account In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Setting

Configure Outlook Setting

You can set up your Hotmail account in Microsoft Outlook and use the same for sending and receiving emails. The advantage with setting up the account with Outlook is that it lets you combine the features of both within a single application. The below illustration will take you through the process of configuring your Outlook setting to set up Hotmail account in it.


  • Open Outlook and go to the option labelled Tools. Choose Account Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • In the Account Settings dialogue box, locate and select the Email taband click the New button.
  • Specify the server before you proceed. There are four different options to choose from; POP3, HTTP, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Proceed by clicking the Next button.
  • In this step, you are supposed to provide your Account details. Enter your name and email address in the respective fields. Be reminded that the name you add here will be the name that the recipients of your emails will see.
  • Once done, click Next to go to the next step. In this step, you are requested to specify your server details. It is advisable to get in touch with the customer support desk of your email service provider if you are unsure of the server details. You should gather details such as Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server. After gathering these details and entering them in the respective fields, click Next to proceed.

    Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook Email Setup

  • This step requires you to provide your login details. Enter your Username and password correctly in the given fields. Once done, click the option labelled More Settings and navigate to the tab labelled Outgoing Server.
  • Ensure that the checkbox before My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication is ticked.
  • You should also tick the check box before Use Same Settings As My Incoming Mail Server.
  • Following that, select the Advanced Tab and verify the port numbers of your incoming email server and outgoing email server. If you are unsure of these details, again contact the customer support of your email service provider.
  • Once done, click Ok followed by Next and Finish.

You have successfully configured your Outlook setting and set up your Hotmail account in it. You are ready now to send and receive emails via Microsoft Outlook. Click the Send/Receive Emails button in Outlook to download new emails to the application. For any further assistance, you can contact our technical support desk.

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