Steps To Remove Two-Step Authentication Method In Outlook.Com

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After the development of, many users had registered with the program. Microsoft had also moved all Hotmail users to Even though many Outlook problems popped up initially, it soon became one of the best emails in the market and attracted large number of customers to it. One of the major features of this email program is its enhanced security. The email authentication can be set in such a way that in addition to your login name and password, a log-in code should also be entered to view your account. This code changes with each login.

Even though the two-step authentication enhances the security of the program, you may avoid it if you are accessing the email from a device, like your Smartphone which someone else also uses. Therefore, in this post, we will take you through the steps to turn off this authentication method.

Steps Involved

  • Launch your internet browser and sign in to your account.
  • Sometimes, you might already be logged into to the email account, In such cases, sign out from the account first and then login again.
  • In order to login to the account, enter your complete address and its password in the corresponding fields.
  • Mark the option Keep me signed in. With this option selected, you will no longer be asked to enter the code to login to the email account.
  • Choose the button Sign In.
  • Next step is to disable the two-step authentication function. For this, choose the option Help us protect your account. Select the option I sign in frequently on this device. Don’t ask me for a code.
  • Choose the button Submit.


    Outlook Email Configuration

With the above step, you have disabled the two-step authentication method in your computer. Next time, when you log in to the email program with your username and password, you will not be asked to enter the additional code received by email, call or text message.

Disabling this function is good if you are accessing from any of your personal devices. However, if you access from any of the public computers, make sure that the two-step authentication method is turned on as this will help you ensure that no one else breaks into your account. For further assistance on Outlook problems or email security, you may contact our technical support team.

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Microsoft Revamps Outlook.Com With Better Rules

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Microsoft Outlook Express

Microsoft has been working on webmail services and has brought in a number of renovations that have the ability to monitor emails better. They have also included some advanced rules to control your email inbox with the incoming and outgoing messages.

You must be aware that the inbox lets you set up some conditions to determine the way Outlook works. With the Redmond’s latest advanced rules, you can be more specific on Outlook setting these conditions with more options. These rules tell you if the emails are unread or read, whether the email that you received is from a person on the contact list, set time constraints, so on and so forth.

For instance, if you need to flag the email received from one of your contacts and want to push it to the top of the inbox, you can set rules accordingly. Therefore, this would never let you miss another email of this particular contact. Such rules will help you follow a particular email from a particular person. Outlook setting lets you set up rules in a very flexible manner; you can even combine two of the existing rules to manage the inbox.

Some of the other features that are new in include the Undo button that would let you undo any mistake done with the click of a button, which is done with the Ctrl+Z key combination usually. Another feature includes relpying to emails in-line threads.


Outlook Setting Instructions

The chat messaging is refined with the latest advancements; they are placed at the bottom left corner, which hosts recent conversations and the ability to switch chats. These features make access to chat services easy. Microsoft had announced that these features would come out very soon. Nevertheless, people who checked their account dint find it yet. They are waiting to experience the latest features included in it.

From the recent news about webmail, it is evident that Gmail also is planning for a major renovation. This is something that Microsoft would have to ponder. Finally, it looks like Google is in the skeleton stage to undergo a major overhaul with the latest features.

It looks like there is a competition going on between two of the most preferred webmail services. People are in high hopes that the advancement would be useful to them in some way rather than becoming a bane.

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Making Your Firefox Browser More Secure

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Mozilla Firefox Updates

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most preferred web browsers that comprises of several advanced and unique options. Most importantly, this web browser is known for its features that ensure a secured browsing experience for the users. The users can also contact the Mozilla Firefox support team anytime to get assistance related to the issues in their browser.

For making Firefox more secure, you can use the following instructions provided by the same Mozilla Firefox support.

  • First, you need to open Mozilla Firefox from the desktop shortcut and then click on General. Here, you need to check if the Always ask me where to save files option has been disabled by default. If you find the Save Files to option set as default to the Downloads folder or any other default directory, you need to change it with the Always ask me where to save files option.
  • Next, you need to click on the Privacy tab and then search for the Remember What I enter in forms followed by the Search Bar option. You’ll find that this option has been enabled by default. For disabling this option, you can uncheck the box beside this option. Now, navigate to the Accept cookies option.
  • Here, you need to setup the option to enable the user permission. Once you click on the option and open a website, Firefox will ask your permission to either allow or deny cookies to run on that webpage.
  • You need to click on the Security tab and check if the Warn me when sites try to install add-ons option is checked. Check the option and move onto the Passwords section. Here, you need to check the box beside Use a master password option to encrypt your computer data along with managing it.

    User Permission

    Mozilla Firefox Issues

  • According to the Mozilla Firefox support technicians, you’ll now get a message asking for your password and new password. You can confirm the password and click on the OK button followed by the Content tab.
  • In the next step, you need to deselect the Enable Java box and then move on the Advanced button, which you can find next to Enable JavaScript. In the Advanced JavaScript Settings window, remove checkmarks from the boxes and again click on OK. You can also enable the Block pop-up windows. Once, you’re done, click on Save to save the changes.

These steps can thus help you to make your Firefox browser more secure. To get more assistance on the same, you may get in touch with our technical support personnel.

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Granting 'Delegate Access' To Outlook Email

help with Outlook

Outlook help

One of the most popular and preferred email application clients that provide a variety of options to the users is Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft has embedded several features to help with Outlook functions, making it a must have email client for business professionals or users. Apart from sending and receiving emails, Outlook helps the users remember important dates by providing the Calendar option, whereas the Event Manager present in the applications helps them to schedule business meeting and appointments.

It gives you the option to allow others to manage your email account using Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. In order to do that, you need to

  • You need to log in to the Google Apps and allow access of your Gmail account to a delegate.
  • Next, the delegate needs to add your email account to his/her Google Apps profile in Outlook.

When these two conditions are met, then your delegate will be provided full access to your Outlook account or profile and they will be given the permission to send, read and delete your email messages. If the delegate sends you any message, you will find your own mail account as the sender for that email.

One level of access

You will not be able to set various access levels for the delegates like Author permissions or Reviewer. Moreover, when you are using Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange, you will not be granted folder-specific permissions. Only one level of access is permitted, where a delegate will have the complete permissions to send, read, and delete email messages that lies in your folders that exist in your Outlook profile.

Cannot hide private messages from delegate

Microsoft support

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You cannot hide private messages from the delegate by selecting the Sensitivity options for Private folders in Microsoft Outlook. If you do so, the delegate will be able to see the message under the folder named Sent Items. Different from the Exchange software from Microsoft, any users, who are given the permission to access your email account will be able to see the private messages.

Cannot see delegate’s Sent Items

The messages that are sent by your delegates from your email account on your behalf will be available in the Sent Item folder of the delegate. However, you will not be able to access them from your Outlook profile. Thus, until someone responds and see the reply in your Inbox, you will not be able to see the messages that are sent on your behalf.

These help with Outlook instructions will help you to grant Delegate Access to your Outlook email. For more help with Outlook, contact Microsoft support number.

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Instructions For Recovering Accidently Deleted Emails In Outlook

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Many Outlook users contact Outlook help desk for assistance for recovering emails that have been deleted accidently from their inbox folder. In fact, this is of one of the Outlook problems that you can solve on your own without waiting to be assisted by an outside support agent. Accidental deletion of emails occurs when a user clicks the Delete button by accident instead of Reply or Forward. If the email isn’t permanently deleted, it will be stored in the Deleted items folder.

You can retrieve any emails from the Deleted items folder at any time without much headache. Conversely, if the messages are permanently deleted, retrieving them is hard. Nevertheless, in some cases, the messages can be recovered with the help of an external tool.

In this article, we discuss about retrieving deleted email messages from the Deleted Items folder in Microsoft Outlook.


  • Open your Outlook application and go to the email folders. To view all email folders, select the Folder list, which is located under the Go option.
  • Choose the folder labelled Deleted Items. You will find all the emails that have been deleted from your inbox in Deleted Items folder. Remember, the Deleted Items folder contains only the emails that have been temporarily deleted. If you have deleted any emails permanently, they won’t be stored in the Deleted Items folder.
  • Look for the specific email message that you wish to recover in the Deleted Items folder. You may scroll down the list of messages to view all messages. After locating the email message of your concern in the list, right-click it and chose the option that says Move To A Folder. You are supposed to select a folder to which the message has to be sent back. Make sure that the inbox is selected.

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  • Click OK to continue. Outlook will send the message now to the inbox. Go to the inbox now to see the message.

How to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook?

Your chances to recover a permanently deleted email in Outlook are limited. Certain email servers allow a user to recover a permanently deleted email within 30 days from the date of deletion. You may have to check with your email service provider to verify whether it is possible for you to recover a permanently deleted email.

The above instructions should have helped you recover accidently deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook. For enquiries regarding any other Outlook problems, get in touch with our Outlook support desk.

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