Microsoft Decides To Blacklist SSL Certificate Authority

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Sources close to Microsoft support desk say that the tech giant has blacklisted a subordinate CA certificate. The reason for the blacklisting decision came after the tech giant noticed that the authority is being used for issuing fake SSL certificate for certain Google based websites. Microsoft believes that the decision will prevent all forms of spoofing attacks intended towards Google based website users across the IE platform.

The blacklisting took place last week. Experts at the Microsoft Outlook help desk said that the tech giant finalized the decision to blacklist the subordinate CA certificate after it was notified by Google about the issuing of fake certificate by CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

CNNIC is a certificate issuing authority (CA) and is trusted by hundreds of thousands of users across the world. Nevertheless, CNNIC was has been recently begun to be notified for issuing fake certificates by MCS Holdings, an Egyptian company. Reports indicate that MCS holdings did not obtain any authorization from Google before issuing SSL certificates to them.

What does the user get through the SSL certificates?

SSL certificates allow a user to have the ability to give out SSL certificate to any domain names that he uses. So, the certificate issuing authority (CA) has to do the necessary verification before issuing the certificates to avoid any misuse of this ability. According to Microsoft Outlook help desk, a fake SSL certificate could affect the security framework of email client applications like Outlook as the owner of the SSL certificate is allowed to authenticate any domain that he wishes.

Reacting to the report, MCS holdings said that it had held preliminary level verifications before issuing the certificate. Moreover, it complies with all the IT security polices in practice to ensure that all websites keep up to up to standards. The security parameters are followed even in the case of HTTPS websites.

Microsoft Support Desk

Microsoft suggests that CA should verify the nature of the websites before issuing the certificates. Furthermore, all the necessary steps to crosscheck the TLS/SSL encrypted traffics should be implemented with immediate effect. Microsoft said that it would not tolerate any further fake issuing of certificates. For improving the SSL security, Microsoft suggests MITM SSL interception.

Along with Microsoft, the Mozilla foundation is also observed with tightening its security parameters for the domains to restrict the surge of fake websites. As of now, Mozilla is restricting the .cn domain issued by CNNIC.

A Guide On Upgrading Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is an email client plus personal manager that comes along with the Microsoft Office Suite. It is equally popular among home and office users alike. What makes it so popular is its various features like calendar, task manager, reminder, note taking feature, etc., in addition to the one of a kind emailing experience it provides. Moreover, seeking Microsoft Outlook help regarding its tools and issues is also easy, as there are so many guides and tutorials available over the internet for the same. Detailed below is the systematic procedure for upgrading Outlook.

Choose the version

First, choose the version of the Outlook software program that you wish to upgrade to. You may take into consideration your system hardware configuration and budget. Next, decide whether you want to purchase Microsoft Outlook only or along with the other programs in the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Buying Microsoft Office suite as a whole will provide you with other efficient Office productivity tools such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.

Purchasing the software

You have the option to purchase the program either online or through a retail dealer. Do not opt for stores that offer only ‘Download Only’ versions of the product. Make sure that the seller is not providing a pirated copy of the software.


Take the Outlook or Office disc that you got with the purchase and insert it into the CD or DVD drive. Once the setup initiates, follow the prompts that appear. Click on the ‘I Agree’ button when prompted to. You will be asked to enter the serial number or product key that came with the packaging of the setup disc. In case you bought the Office Suite as a whole, verify that you tick the checkbox beside the Microsoft Outlook option when asked to select the programs to install.

You will also be asked to choose specific components that should be installed. All of the components will not be saved by default. If you wish to choose components manually, select the ‘Advanced’ or ‘Custom’ installation modes instead of the ‘Standard’ one.

Purchase Microsoft Outlook

Wait until the progress bar notifies completion of the software installation. If you had chosen to install all of Microsoft Office programs, it would take some time for the installation to complete. Once the installation wizard completes the process, click on the Finish button.

Open the Outlook program. In the email setup wizard that opens up, choose the email account type and start setting up the account. If you wish to use Outlook only for its calendar features, choose Cancel. For assistance, access the Microsoft Outlook help section by clicking on the Help button in the main toolbar.

Using The Journal Feature In Outlook

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There are many ways to do your journaling on a computer, especially using the feature, which almost all modern versions of Microsoft Outlook support. But you never know when the company will rip this out, or how much it will leave when done. It is almost time to find a better solution that will last longer.

Chances are the journal module in Outlook will stay the same way for another decade, though the company says it is deprecated. That is likely an indication it will actually be here for some time, considering the source of the statement. Microsoft also needs to be seen providing backwards compatibility with a variety of products, and that leaves room for some of the useful features to stay back.

OneNote seems to be what would take over if the journal got scrapped. If you are looking to copy entries from the journal to OneNote, there is a VBA script below which you can use.

Journal folder access

The button for accessing journal from the Navigation pane or Peeks row has been taken out. Instead, you now have the Ctrl+8 combo that lets you select the journal from the folder list. You can also add a button to the ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Start up the Options dialog and choose either Customize Ribbon or Customize Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Select the All Commands option from the Choose Commands From:
  • Click in the commands list on the other side and choose Journal, by pressing J.
  • Now, add a new group, and then add journal to that group.

If you cannot find the journal command in the version of Outlook you are using, then VBA scripts are a good substitute for as far as adding this to the Quick Access Toolbar or ribbon is concerned. Use the following script:

Sub GotoJournalFolder()

Set Application.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder = _


End Sub

Journal Module In Outlook

Save this in inside VB and set a shortkey for it. The next time you want to call it up, you simply need to use a keyboard combo. Alternately, set up the macro in on the QAT or the quick access toolbar. Most versions of Microsoft Outlook support this, so you should not have any problem setting it up.

Similarly, you can add a replacement for the removed New Items command for journal items. This used to be Ctrl + Shift + J in the previous versions, so you could try setting up the same combo, hit the New Item button and go to the More Forms command. Select journal and assign the key to this, or use a new VBA script.

Saving Your Outlook Emails To An External Hard Drive

Multiple Outlook Emails

It is a wise idea to save a backup of all your important emails in Outlook to an external hard disc. By doing this, you will be saved from losing all those emails in case your computer crashes and your primary hard drive gets formatted or corrupted. You do not need to call the Outlook support number in order to do this. The following instructions will help you save one or all emails to an external hard disc.

Single Outlook Email

  • Plug the external hard disc to the computer. Ensure that it is currently running.
  • Open the Outlook program either using the Start menu icon or using the desktop shortcut.
  • Within the interface of the program, open the specific email that you need to save. Now, click on the File option that you see on the main toolbar in the top.
  • From the list of options available, click on Save As. A window asking you to select the location where you want the email to be stored pops up now.
  • Open My Computer to see the name of the external drive that you connected earlier. Double-click to open the drive and select any sub folder as per your preference.
  • Now, click on the Save button in the dialog box that appears. The specific email will be stored in that location.

Multiple Outlook Emails

  • Plug the external hard disc to the computer. Ensure that it is currently running.
  • Open the Outlook program either using the Start menu icon or using the desktop shortcut.
  • In the email client’s interface, press and hold on the Ctrl To select all mails, press on the A button. To select multiple emails, click on the names of the emails that you wish to back up while keeping the Ctrl key pressed.

    Outlook Support Number

  • Now, click on the File button that you see at the top of the main menu bar. From the options, select Save As. You will be prompted to select the location where you wish to save the emails.
  • Go to My Computer and double-click on the external drive’s name. Choose any sub folder if you need to and click on
  • The emails that you selected will be saved in the particular location that you chose.

Follow these instructions correctly and you will have the backup ready in a moment, without having to call the Outlook support number.

Steps To Fix Sync Issues In ICloud Control Panel

Outlook Problems

iCloud is a cloud computing and cloud storage service from Apple. With the help of iCloud, users can store documents, emails, calendars and contacts in sync among various devices such as iPhones, iPads, Windows computers and more. All you have to do is drag and drop, saving files and folders is as simple as that. The best part is that you will be able to access these files and folders on any device at any point of time.

With the help of the iCloud sharing services, you can share videos and photos among the people you choose. You can also invite your friends to use iCloud, in order to leave their comments and suggestions for the videos or photos that you share. In order to use iCloud in a Windows computer, you need to have iCloud Control Panel.

At times, the iCloud Control Panel for Windows will have issues in synchronizing with the calendar or contacts in Outlook. Here are some instructions as to what has to be done when there is an issue. The fix for such Outlook problems are relatively simple that can be done by anyone who knows to use iCloud.


  • Execute the iCloud Control Panel on the computer.
  • You need to uncheck the boxes next to Tasks, Calendars, Mail and Contacts.
  • Next, you have to Accept the next prompt message in order to apply the changes.
  • Now you need to Check the boxes next to Tasks, Calendars, Mail and Contacts on the computer. This is to check if iCloud is able to sync with the contacts and calendar.
  • Execute iCloud Control Panel in case the issue persists even now.
  • Click on the Log Out button.
  • When the prompt message appears, try to Delete all the contacts and calendars that are synched.

    Microsoft Outlook

  • Now Sign In to iCloud once again and then click on the option Sync To Outlook.
  • Now when you run Microsoft Outlook on your computer once again, now you will notice that iCloud would have synchronized contacts and calendars back with Outlook.

iCloud is one of the popular cloud services that is used by many people. With these simple steps, you will be able to troubleshoot the synchronizing of iCloud with Outlook. In case you still experience these Outlook problems, contact our customer support desk for advanced help.

Steps To Configure Outlook In A Windows Computer

Outlook Setting

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most preferred email clients used by a large number of people, both for personal and official use. It is very easy to configure emails with the help of few simple Outlook setting instructions. Read on to know more on how to configure MS Outlook with your email id. In the following instructions, you will see how to configure your email account quickly.


  • Open the Outlook application, to do this, click on the Start button to the lower left corner of the desktop. From the Start menu, choose Outlook 2013.
  • In case you have a desktop shortcut, you might double click on the icon as an alternative.
  • Click on the File tab, from the Outlook window.
  • Choose Account Settings from the Info category. Click on Account Setting from the drop down menu.
  • Highlight the Email tab, and click on New.
  • Choose the option Manually configure server settings or additional server types from the Add New Account box. Click on Next.
  • Choose POP and then click on Next.
  • You need to enter all the information needed under the User Information tab.
  • Some of the information includes your Name, this will appear in the From field while sending emails. Enter the Email Address and in the server information box, choose the type of email account as POP.
  • In the Incoming Mail Server, enter the email server name and in the Outgoing Mail Server box, choose SMTP. Now enter your email server’s name.
  • After this, you need to choose the option My SMTP server requires authentication.
  • Next under the Logon Information, you need to enter your Username and then enter the Password. Choose the Remember Password option in order to avoid entering the password every time you open Outlook.

    Microsoft Outlook 2013

  • When you have completed all the above steps, you need to test if the settings are correct.
  • Click on the Test Account Settings, in case it shows Failed, then you will have to repeat the process once again.
  • Click on Next and then Finish.
  • Now MS Outlook 2013 is ready to send and receive emails in the computer.

The best thing about Microsoft Outlook 2013 is that it allows users to have multiple accounts. The Outlook setting to add multiple accounts is very easy. In case you have multiple email accounts, you can configure all of them in Outlook the same way.

Procedure To Fix Outlook ‘Msvcr80.Dll Cannot Be Found’ Error

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Microsoft Outlook, without an ounce of doubt, is the most heavily utilized email management programs in the business worlds and even home computers. There are so many features offered by the email client, making the overall emailing experience better and convenient for the users.

At times, the email client may not start, some problem insisting that the file ‘Msvcr80.dll is unable to be to be located’. Now, even if this DLL may be present in your “C Drive:\Windows\System32″ folder (in the usual location where your system DLLs are stored), you may find that you are still receiving the error. Actually, no need to panic, you are in no way the first person to experience this sort of errors. This is a common error that can easily result from the installation of some Outlook add-ins. There are some of which that are installed as part of packages with other software programs in your system. By disabling all those add-ins, you will be able to start Outlook. Here are the Outlook setting you require to do for that:


  • First, you need to click on Start, and then hit Run.


  • Key-in ‘regedit’ (omit the quotes) and press the Enter key. You will see the Registry Editor appear. You will see the nested folders in the left pane which actually represent registry keys, and clicking on a key will show up editable values in the right pane.
  • You need to navigate to the Computer \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Office\ Outlook\ Addins\ key and then click on it. After that, you will see a list of Outlook add-ins will appear below.
  • Then, you need to locate the add-in that is causing the issue. Actually, this may require doing some trial and error, but you can always make an informed guess: This issue is usually known to be caused by various Norton security add-ins.
  • After that, you need to disable an add-in by clicking on it. Then you need to double-click on the LoadBehavior value located in the right pane. You need to type in a 0 in the Value data field and then press on OK. Then, you need to close the Registry Editor.

Finally, click on the Start Menu and go to Microsoft Office Diagnostics (go to Microsoft Office, then Microsoft Office Tools and finally Microsoft Office Diagnostics). This utility will repair the Outlook configuration files corrupted or damaged by the add-in. When the Diagnostics process is finished, Outlook should open and run normally. These are all the Outlook setting required to repair the issue.

Empty Inbox And Other IMAP Synchronizing Problems

Outlook Problems

Microsoft Outlook, an email client developed by the world’s leading software maker, is one of the best email management programs ever. Though Outlook is near to perfect, it is not immune to errors, corruption occurs just like any other software. In case you have an empty Inbox and other IMAP synchronizing Outlook problems, here is how you can fix them with ease.

First, Root your mailbox

The thing here is that some IMAP servers branch off all your folders from the Inbox folder. If that is the case, you will need to set the Root folder path property in your account configuration.

Then, finding out whether or not this is necessary for you is not much difficult. Then, you need to select the Folder tab located in Outlook, and then click on the button named IMAP Folders and then you need to click on the Query button.

You can set the root folder path for your IMAP account; here is how you can do it.

  • Go to File, then Account Settings and Account Settings…
  • Then, double click on your IMAP account.
  • Then you can click on the button More Options…
  • Then the click on the Advanced tab.
  • Then go to option: Root folder path
  • Set this to Inbox, and it will do the trick.

Check your cache retention settings properly

Based on the size of your hard disk drive or SSD in your system, your Offline Settings may be set to only store up to 1 month, 3 months, a year worth of email messages locally.

Microsoft Outlook

If you have enough space on your system and want to cache more emails locally, it is possible for you to set the sync slider. Go to File, and then choose Account Settings and then Account Settings…. You can double click on your IMAP account. If all this fails, you need to recreate the IMAP account in Outlook.

In case the above steps were not helpful, you may need to start afresh by removing your IMAP account from Microsoft Outlook and then adding it again. Here is how you can do it.

Go to File, then Account Settings and then Account Settings…. Now, keep in mind that you will first have to export the folders you have marked with This computer only to a PST-file. Do not forget the Calendar and Contacts folders, without which you won’t have contact information or reminders.

Hope the Outlook problems related to Inbox and other IMAP synchronizing problems could be resolved with these steps. Contact our tech support desk for any assistance.

Ways To Fix The Different Outlook Problems

Outlook Problems

If you are using Outlook to send or receive emails, then you might have all encountered different issues with the program. Sometimes, you might not be able to send or receive emails in the program or sometimes, the program might crash. There are some other problems, which are experienced by a few users, like the distorted display issues with the program.

One of the reasons for the distorted display with the program is because the hardware acceleration of the program is turned on. Therefore, you can disable this feature to fix this issue. One of the methods to fix this issue is by disabling the registry key in the operating system. Follow the steps below to carry out this function.

Go to the following registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software \Microsoft \Office \15.0 \Common \Graphics REG_DWORD DisableHardwareAcceleration

Set the value of the registry key as 0x1.

By changing the registry value, you can fix the Outlook problems with the distorted display. Now, as mentioned above, the distorted display issue of Outlook is a rare issue and is not experienced by many users. However, one of the Outlook problems that many users have encountered is with the program failing to open.

Outlook Support

When the Outlook program fails to open, there could be many reasons for it. One of the major reasons is the corruption of the Outlook data file. In order find out whether the issue is with the Outlook data file, you need to run the file scanpst.exe in the computer and scan the Outlook data file. Once the scan is over, the Outlook repair tool or the scanpst.exe tool will find out the corruption issues with the program. If it is corrupted, the tool will fix it with a few simple steps.

Sometimes, the antivirus program of your computer can stop the launch of the Outlook program. The firewall of the antivirus program is the culprit here. In order to make sure that the issue is not with the antivirus program, disable it temporarily and check if you are able to launch the program.

The add-ins of Outlook program can sometimes create troubles in the program. When an add-in installed in the program becomes corrupted, the program as a whole may not start. Therefore, try to launch Outlook in safe mode to find out whether it is an issue with the add-in. If yes, disable the add-ins one by one and find the corrupted one.

How To Fix The Search Issues In Outlook After An Upgrade To Windows 8

Outlook Problems

One of the Outlook problems that many people complained about after upgrading to Windows 8 was associated with the search function of the program. When you enter any keyword in the search box, the program would return only the message, We couldn’t find what you were looking for Now, in this post, we will find out how to fix this issue.

Steps Involved

In order to fix this issue, you need to remove Outlook email program from Index. Follow the steps below for this.

  • Launch the Outlook program and choose the option File.
  • Click on Options and this will bring up the Outlook settings window.
  • Choose the option Search settings in the program.
  • Select Indexing Options.
  • Click the option Modify and remove Microsoft Outlook from it.
  • Select the button Close and close the utlook program.

Next step is to make sure that Outlook files can be indexed. Keep in mind that all PST and OST files used by the program should be allowed to be indexed by the operating system. Even though the indexing of these files is enabled by default, it could be changed due to the Windows 8 upgrade. Follow the steps below to ensure indexing of these files.

  • Go to the location C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. You can find the OST and PST files of Outlook in this folder.
  • Select each of the OST and PST file and right click them. Choose the option Properties.
  • Choose the button Advanced and mark the option Allow this file to have contents indexed in addition to file.
  • Select the button OK.
Outlook Settings

Once you complete the above steps, add Outlook to the index function again. Follow the steps mentioned in the first section of this post and add Microsoft Outlook to the list of indexing by choosing Microsoft Outlook, under the section Modify.

With the above steps, the issue with the search function in the program should be fixed. If the issue persists, you may rebuild the index. Follow the steps below for this.

  • Navigate to Outlook settings and select Search settings.
  • Choose Indexing Options and click the option Advanced.
  • Select Rebuild and then OK.

With the above steps, all the Outlook problems with search function on your Windows 8 computer should be fixed. If you have any queries regarding the steps mentioned above, you may contact our technical support team for assistance.