How Do I Resolve The Cannot Send Email In Outlook Problem

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Outlook acts as a terminal to send and receive emails from multiple email accounts. Although Outlook is powered by Microsoft, users are free to configure it to set up third party email services such as Yahoo mail and Gmail. However, you will have to provide the exact server details to enable Outlook to send and receive emails from third party email services. At times, your Outlook application may fail to download emails from these email accounts or fail to send emails to other accounts. Nonetheless, it is not the end of your Outlook email experience. Following these simple instructions, you can troubleshoot the Outlook problems and bring it to functioning again.


  • Launch your Microsoft Outlook application and go to the section titled Tools (find it on the top menu in the Outlook window).
  • Choose Accounts from the resulting dropdown menu.
  • Following this, press the tab labelled Mail. You will now see a list of email accounts you have set up in your Outlook application.
  • Locate the particular email account that has problem sending or receiving emails via Outlook. After locating the account, double-click on it and press the tab labelled General.
  • Verify the account settings and login credentials of the account and ensure that correct details are in place. Even a spelling mistake can result in Outlook problems.
  • Next, press the tab titled Servers and verify the Account Name. Ensure that the full email address is given in the Email address field. Often the problem occurs when people forget to type the latter portion of the email address that comes after @.

    firewall settings

            Troubleshoot Outlook problems

  • Following this, sign in to your webmail account and navigate to the inbox. Delete all spam emails and junk emails. If there are so many spam or junk mails in your web mail account, Outlook will hang while downloading them into its inbox.
  • If you have installed any antivirus programs lately, it will be the firewall in it that blocks your Outlook application from accessing the internet. Go to the firewall settings of your antivirus program and configure the settings to allow Outlook to access the internet.
  • Next, press the button titled Send/Receive. Outlook will now connect to the server and download emails from your email account.

Well, you have now successfully resolved the Outlook problem that caused the error. If the problem persists, contact Outlook help.

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